Acrylic or Gel Nails?

Malta-Acrylic-Nails2Choosing between Acrylic Nails or Gel Nails? If you are always hands on with house chores or if you conduct manual work which includes handling heavy loads, then you should opt for Acrylic Nails as they are stronger and endure longer.

Gel nails tend to look more natural for their glossy appearance. Since they are more flexible than acrylic nails, they have a softer texture which makes them more prone to peeling if not handled with caution.

But no matter what you choose, Acrylics or Gels, at Shakira Hair & Nails we give you great, long-lasting, natural-looking nails.

Malta nail technician

Shakira Director Charlotte Borg has been a nail technician for more than 15 years.

She has mastered the art of artificial nails, and her clients’ nails are always mistaken for natural ones. She has even managed to do what very few are capable of doing, work on her own nails to detailed perfection!

And if you are the fun-loving kind of person and would like to sport some off-the-shelf nail designs, then you must choose to have a piece of art drawn onto your nails, or, just a nail or maybe two. At Shakira we create artistic Nail Art  designs that will leave you flabbergasted!

Although at Shakira we only use high-quality nail products we still offer very advantageous prices. We do not use cheap nail products, since cheap nail products will give short-term results and may even harm your nails.

However, we do offer Brilliant Nails at exceptional prices!

Acrylic Nails Malta Nail Technician
Acrylic Nails Malta Nail Technician
Acrylic Nails Malta Nail Technician
Acrylic Nails Malta Nail Technician